Soft and Plush Memory Foam Dog Mat

Soft and Plush Memory Foam Dog Mat

  • Super Comfortable Ultra Soft Pet Bed & Replacement Mat (Pad) for Dogs & Cats, fits 20” to 24″ crates & Carriers (metal, fabric, folding, etc)
  • Provides a Soft & Warm Cozy Spot that both Cats & Dogs Love to rest & Nap on
  • Designed for use everywhere your pets sleeps: floor, crate, kennel, sofa, car, etc.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE- 100% Washable, No Covers to Remove, Completely Machine Washable & Dryer Friendly
  • IDEAL CRATE PAD/ KENNEL MAT for use in 20 to 24-Inch metal or canvas dog crates from Midwest Pet, Precision, Amazon Basics and others. Measures approx. 22″ L x 15″ W x 1.25″ H Inches


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