Adoric Life Dog Toys – Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys – Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy Set for Small to Medium Dogs – Set of 6



Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys

Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys

  • Reliable & Durable Material: Made of cotton and polyester, our colorful dog rope toys are safe and nontoxic for small to medium dogs, tough for chewing and tugging. Assorted doggy toys (6 packs) meet different requirements of your puppies. They are hand knitted, sturdy and will not be easily torn up.
  • Interesting Frisbee Toys: Used for training and teasing your dog, the Frisbee is light for you to throw and easy for dogs to catch and hold, you will see that your dog happily runs and jumps after it. It is so light and obvious that your dog can easily catch the flying discs while it flying and find it from faraway.
  • Clean Teeth & Massage Gums: In the course of biting and chewing, these rope chew toys can massage dog’s gums; plaque and food buildup might be removed from the teeth, reduce the possibility of gum disease or tooth decay to some extent, thereby promoting dental health of your doggie.
  • Strengthen Relationship:In the process of interacting with your dog, these interactive dog toys can develop and deepen the relationship between you and your dog. Most of all, accompany your puppy when you are out, alleviate his loneliness, anxiety and disorientation, just like a friend.
  • Assorted & Amusing Toys: These multicolored puppy toys including ball toys, Frisbee, chew toys and rope toys that will arouse dog’s interest and absorb their energy, so that they may distract your dog from tearing up or tugging bed sheet, shoes, clothes, slippers, furniture in some ways. Promote proper chewing behavior.


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